• The Wi-3 HAL-RAR System enables precise detection of vessels (e.g. hemorrhoidal arteries) by means of Doppler ultrasound technology
  • The Wi-3 HAL-RAR System is a wireless system (battery-driven) and has a Bluetooth technology
  • Bright illumination of surgical area of interest inside the probes (due to three white LEDs)
  • The Wi-3 Arm supports ergonomic handling of the Wi-3 HAL-RAR Unit in the rectum


  • Improved Quality of Life and patients’ satisfaction
  • Low risk of peri-operative (shortand long-term postoperative) pain
  • Less post-operative pain compared to hemorrhoidectomy
  • Shorter recovery time compared to hemorrhoidectomy
  • A minimally invasive surgery with a low risk of intra-operative complications which is suitable for ambulatory surgery
  • The ligation window in the probe is adequate and enables a proper manual ligation of detected arteries
  • An effective surgical method after failure of previous treatments

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