Comfort Drain

Comfort Drain – convincingly simple

The Comfort Drain from is the first means of long-term drainige for treatment of inter-, trans-, and supra-sphincteric fistulas designed for knot-free closure, thus offering patients the maximum possible comfort. The first medical device approved specifically for this purpose, the Comfort Drain consists of a flexible probe, silicone drain and unique closing mechanism, which requires neither knots or suture material. The soft silicone drain is positioned with the probe, and the two ends are then joined to form a closed ring. This serves to promote fibrosis in the fistula tract, providing a safe means of preparation for subsequent fistula surgery.

In the case of the Comfort Drain, less is definitely more: the simple closure makes the surgeon’s work in the OR both easier and more efficient, while the miniaturization of the drainage system and the absence of extra sutures and knots mean that patients enjoy less skin irritation and a heightened level of comfort, especially when seated. With the average adult spending 11.5 hours of each day in a sitting position, long-term drainage of anal fistulas can represent a considerable impairment to everyday life. This is where the Comfort Drain really come into its own.